How can I use the If score condition in a workflow?

Use the scoring condition to start your workflow by checking the score status. You can use this element at the beginning of the workflow or at any moment when you need to make a decision based on scoring. You can base your decision on the following criteria:

  • The contact hasn’t been scored before (the score isn’t assigned)
  • The contact has reached a specific amount of scoring points (the score is greater than, equals, is greater than or equal to)
  • The contact hasn’t reached a specific amount of scoring points yet (the score is less than, is less than or equal to)
  • The contact has any score value (the score is assigned)
  • The number of scoring points is different that the specified amount (the score is other than)

The element has an “if yes” (green) and “if no” (red) connector. If your contacts’ score changes, they are affected by the action you’ve connected to the “if yes” connector. Contacts who don’t have that particular score move down the path to the action you linked to the “if no” connector.

Note: When you use If score as a start element, link the next element only to the “if yes” connector. Only the contacts who have the new score can “enter” this element at the beginning of a workflow, so the “if no” connector simply can’t trigger any action.

How do I set up the condition?

  1. Add the element to the workspace.
  2. Under Properties, select the score value.
  3. Select the time setting for when to assume the condition hasn’t been met.
  4. (Optional) Set the condition to run multiple times.

How do I assign scores for the condition to work?

The If score condition allows you to find contacts who receive a specific scoring value. The contacts’ score can change in another workflow. You can also assign it to them using Search contacts.

For example, you’d like to send a special offer to new contacts who subscribed via API. You can create a workflow that gives them a certain score.

score assigned in a workflow

You’ve also built a workflow that finds the newly scored contact and sends them a special offer email.

if score element triggers a workflow when a score is assigned in another workflow

The If score condition doesn’t work for contacts who received that score before a workflow starts, or before they “reach” that element within a workflow.