How does the Special event condition work?

The Special event condition lets you build workflows that react to annual events based on a custom field value assigned to your contacts. These include birthday—a predefined custom field—or any date custom field you’ve created in your account, such as subscription date or anniversary. You can use this element to create targeted and customized communication with your contacts immediately on, before or after the important date you select for the element.

All the contacts who match the criteria you’ve specified for the element enter the Special event condition between midnight and 1 a.m. their local time.

Special event element properties

Note: When you copy your contacts to different lists, you’ll also copy their custom fields. Since the element relies on the custom field value, it then treats an individual contact as multiple people.

How do I set up the Special event condition?

Before you start

If you’ve never created a date custom field, the only option available in the condition Properties is birthdate. If you want to use a different custom field, you first need to create it.

Setting up the Special event condition

1. Go to Automation>>Create a workflow.
2. Select the Message sent element to add it to the workspace. Then, click it or select the Properties tab to configure the element.
3. Expand the dropdown list and select the event you’d like to track.

selecting a custom field

When you select an event, another dropdown list becomes available.

4. From the dropdown list, select how soon you’d like the next step to be triggered.

  • Immediately—allows your contact to move to the next element on the day specified in the custom field.

selecting immediately in Properties

  • Before—allows your contact to move to the next element before the date specified in their custom field. When you select this option, you also need to specify how soon you’d like to trigger the next step. To do it, enter the number of days. The default setting is 1 day. The smallest number you can enter is 0. The largest—365.

selecting before in the Properties

  • After—allows your contact to move to the next element after the date defined in their custom field. Specify how many days you’d like your contacts to stay in the element before they move to the next. The default setting is 1 day. The smallest number you can enter is 0. The largest—365.

selecting after in the Properties

5. Optionally, you can set the element to run multiple times. We recommend you use this setting if you’ve selected a custom field that has two or more possible date values. This will allow your contact to move through the element as many times as the custom field requires.