How can I add a GetResponse exit popup to my landing page?

You can add a GetResponse exit popup to your landing page with Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM allows you to create a container for your landing page and manage tags and code snippets for your site. Once you add the JavaScript snippet for the form as a new tag, the form will display on your landing pages. In GTM, you’ll be able to select whether you’d like the form to display on all or a specific landing page. This method works for adding any of the List Builder Apps forms to the landing pages you’ve created in your GetResponse account.

Before you begin

  • If you don’t have an active Google Tag Manager, be sure to create one first. Please refer to Google Tag Manager Help for instructions on how to create a container.
  • Integrate your GetResponse landing page with GTM (this adds the container to your landing page). For instructions on how to do it, please refer to How do I integrate my landing pages with Google Tag Manager
  1. In your GetResponse account, go to Dashboard>>Forms and surveys and click the Create form button.
  2. Click List Builder Apps.
  3. Select the form you’d like to use and click Use app now.
  4. Edit the settings and click Save and Publish to display a JavaScript code snippet for the form.
Editing form settings.
  1. Click Copy to copy the snippet to the clipboard.!
    Copying the snippet.
  2. Log into your Google Tag Manager account and navigate to the container for your domain.
  3. Click the New button within Tags.
    Creating new tag.
  4. Name the tag GR Webform.
    Naming the tag.
  5. Click Choose a tag type to begin setup to choose tag type.
    Tag configuration.
  6. In Tag Configuration, choose custom HTML and paste in the snippet.
    Custom HTML and snippet options.
  7. In Triggering, create a trigger. This way the tag can be triggered on a specific landing page. The exit popup will appear just there, and not on a thank-you page as well.
    Selecting if it should be shown on all pages.

To create the trigger:

A. Click New and select Page View.

new trigger to display for specific pages.

B. Select Some page views and enter your landing page URL.

Adding landing page URL.

11. Click Save to save the trigger.

12. Click Submit to save all the changes and publish the container with the exit popup tag.