Platform with Video Email, Social Media Integration, and iPhone App

Implix Introduces GetResponse 6.0: First SOHO/SMB Email Marketing Platform with Video Email, Social Media Integration, and iPhone App

WILMINGTON, Del., July 6, 2009Implix , a leader in online marketing solutions, today announced the launch of GetResponse 6.0 , the most innovative, feature-packed release in its 10-year history. The new email marketing platform is the first SOHO/SMB solution to offer audio and video recording capabilities, Twitter integration, and an iPhone® application, available today at the App Store. GetResponse 6.0 is an easy-to-use, turn-key service designed to increase email marketing ROI faster than any other medium for SOHO and SMB marketers. The solution includes email analytics, unlimited follow-up messages, 300+ HTML templates, online surveys, and professional-level training and support.

"In email marketing, message frequency is good – but when it’s uncoordinated and impersonal, prospects respond by hitting the delete key with equal frequency,” noted Gartner Research Director Richard Fouts. “Moreover, the current generation of IT buyers have little time and a short attention span, so marketers are getting above the email clutter with audio-video, mobile and social media components in their campaigns. Vendors like Implix that not only help companies implement email and video marketing solutions, but also offer insights and advice on current best practices, could play a central role in this evolution. Being able to click on a one-minute video vs. reading a page of text is already proving to be an effective strategy for online marketers, and a welcome relief for consumers."

GetResponse 6.0 is designed to serve SOHO and small business marketers, however, many customers may be considered “small businesses”, but serve large international audiences. A popular portal for international magicians and illusionists, Ellusionist struggled to keep up with training and communications programs for its massive global audience. Motivated by improvements gained with the previous release, Ellusionist staff were among the first to apply for the GetResponse 6.0 beta testing.

“The redesigned interface makes it so easy to get around, you get more done in less time,” said Jason Brumbalow, general manager at Ellusionist. We were particularly impressed with the video email marketing and online surveys. Our audience is very vocal and visual, so those features fit our needs exactly. We had already achieved a 1,000 percent increase in sign ups and conversion rates using GetResponse, and we expect to top that with 6.0!”

GetResponse 6.0 enables users to create polished, high-impact video email marketing campaigns, with no special software, training or equipment. They can record, store and send optimized video emails directly from their accounts, at a fraction of the time and cost to outsource. As marketers strive to engage busy online consumers, GetResponse video email marketing will give small businesses a competitive advantage, at an affordable price.

Additionally, with GetResponse for iPhone, marketers can monitor campaigns, check their stats, and add contacts manually or import from their address books when travelling or in the field. This feature closes the “mobile gap” for marketers, allowing them to react immediately to obstacles and opportunities. GetResponse 6.0 also includes integration with Twitter, enabling real-time updates whenever a blog post or newsletter is published. With this integration, businesses can easily link their marketing activities with the power and influence of social media.

The new GetResponse blends innovative new features with proven tools and includes:

  • Online Surveys and Web forms capture contact information and feedback marketers need to build lists, create profiles, improve products, and target campaigns.
  • 300+ Industry Templates Gallery helps customers create high-impact campaigns for every audience and industry.
  • Email Analytics tracks open and click-through rates, sign-ups, sales, domains, and more, with detailed reports and colorful graphs delivered to inboxes daily.
  • Split testing lets customers test up to five messages, with varying titles, subjects, offers, etc., then automatically selects and sends the best.
  • Dynamic Content lets marketers use profile data to pre-load and personalize email templates for rapid one-on-one marketing campaigns.

“Analysts predict that email marketing spending will reach $2 billion by 2014,” said Simon Grabowski, founder and CEO of Implix. “I am confident that our 10 years of email marketing experience, best-in-class deliverability, top-notch features and intuitive user experience will position GetResponse 6.0 at the helm of this growth. At Implix, we are passionate about innovation and the unlimited opportunities the Internet presents to businesses of all sizes and budgets. We listen to our customers and deliver affordable, cutting-edge solutions they can easily learn and use to grow their businesses. And, as social media and mobile becomes a mainstay of customer relationship-building, we will continue to link the power of email marketing and new media in a single marketing platform, just as we did with GetResponse 6.0.”

Pricing and Availability
GetResponse 6.0 offers free accounts for size-limited lists. Pricing for larger lists starts at $18 per month, giving small businesses access to powerful email marketing and social media tools, at a lower cost. For more information about GetResponse visit or call 1-877 EMAIL-GR.

About Implix
Implix was founded in 1999 by Internet Marketing prodigy and entrepreneur, Simon Grabowski , whose vision of helping SOHO and small business marketers around the globe improve marketing efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability continues to define the company. Today, Implix maintains worldwide operations, with offices in the U.S., Poland and Canada, and offers a wide range of online solutions including Web site building, video conferencing and streaming rich media. The company’s flagship email marketing product, GetResponse, has grown to over 93,000 active users, managing 70 million subscribers and delivering 5 billion permission-based emails per year. For more information, please visit .

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