Rebel with a cause:

How a domain leader revolutionized its email marketing

Domain name registrar and web hosting company faced a big challenge: a rapidly growing database with low engagement and conversion rates. It also missed opportunities to cross-sell to B2B and B2C customers.

Its expert team works hard to create tools that empower everyone to stake their place in the world’s bravest communication space – the internet. And it was time to power up its own online marketing machine.

  • Increase engagement
  • Cross-sell to boost revenue
Favorite features
  • Marketing automation
  • Tagging
  • Dynamic segments
  • Up to 41.65% open rate
  • 13 active marketing automation workflows

Rebel’s issues all boiled down to this: it sent the same email to every contact. With zero personalization.

“We had a large customer base that was not very engaged with our emails. We determined we could improve by sending emails based on their very specific interests and needs, rather than blanketing all customers with the same content. We chose to work with GetResponse because we needed an automated marketing tool that was easy to use and could handle our rapidly growing customer base.”

Jasmin Bollman Marketing Manager for Social Media & Content

The dynamic company now has
13 marketing automation workflows, and its highest-ever engagement rates.

Here’s how they did it with GetResponse:

“We have a proprietary backend, which initially gave me pause because I thought it would be difficult to implement with GetResponse. However, our dev team was happy with how smoothly the set up went.”

– Jasmin Bollman

Automation to win them back

Targeting people who abandon their shopping carts is one of the smartest, simplest ways to segment users.

Using marketing automation, the Rebel team assigns a tag to cart abandoners. They then send a unique promo code in three different messages to three different user groups, to test the email copy performance.

Our automated marketing campaigns have seen a very large increase in open rates and CTR.
Some of our most successful email automated campaigns have seen open rates of 41.65%.

Jasmin Bollman Marketing Manager for Social Media & Content

Smarter upselling

The team also created a unique automation workflow, to encourage customers to buy a country-specific domain. First, the system filters out Canadian customers. Then – using dynamic segments – it sends a targeted offer to anyone whose .com domain corresponds to an available .ca domain. Every user gets a personalized message with a customized offer to add the additional domain to their online portfolio.

GetResponse has helped Rebel reach our customers with the offers that are most relevant
to them, resulting in an increase in our overall open rates and CTR.

Jasmin Bollman Marketing Manager for Social Media & Content

Our global research shows personalized emails average around a 7% higher open rate than generic messages.
And the results confirm just that.

Using marketing automation, the team can easily send targeted, tailored messages – and anticipate better engagement and conversion rates every time. Knowing what your customers do, want, and need is a surefire way to succeed in the online wilderness.


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